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The following are just some comments our parents had to say as their child
Developed at Little Stars Pre-School prior to entering for Primary School intake

  • Dear Kirti, I have been thinking of writing to you for a long time just to say thank-you. I still remember being worried about Umar's well-being, especially when staff at other nurseries told us that Umar did not communicate nor had it in him to make friends at his level. The best decision I took was to get him out of there and bring him to your Little Stars Nursery. In you and your staff, I found people who loved children and within a few weeks we started to see a massive difference in Umar. Under your supervision he has excelled. Umar is now one of the most popular boys in his class. He has passed his SATs with flying colours and we honestly believe it is because of the start he got from Little Stars Pre-School. Thank-you so much for all your efforts and support, words cannot express how grateful we are to your team. From Mr and Mrs Ali
  • Dear Kirti, No words can describe your kindness and you have always supported Rushil. We are really sad that Rushil is leaving your pre-school but we will always remember you. From Shana
  • Dear Kirti, We would like to say thank-you for all your help. You have really helped our twins a lot to settle in and thank all staff for their time and support. Jeremy and Rahel
  • Dear Madam Both our twins at your Pre-School will be leaving soon due to my Job transfer. We were very happy with your school and everything was really outstanding as our children loved to come to your school and all the staff were brilliant. Thank you for all the help and support. Mrs Koneswaran
  • Dear Kirti Thank you so much for your help and support towards my child. It is amazing how transformation takes place in a child as my daughter was so shy. Over time she has now become confident and ready to make that start in Primary reception school. God bless you and all your staff. -Mahi
  • Dear Bharat, It was indeed an excellent experience and learning's for both my kids and they have been really prepared very well for reception class. Many thanks to you and your team for your work and support. Wish you all the very best and we will certainly recommend Little Stars Preschool to other parents we know or come across. Anees & Shumyla
  • I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you and all of your staff for making Mili’s step into education a great experience. She has developed immensely and she has enjoyed attending Little Stars and the staff have been wonderful to her.
    Many thanks, Seema Jackson
  • My son has just enrolled in little stars and they are really friendly people who are focused in child care and development. Mr. Malik
  • My daughter enjoys this pre-school which is run in a friendly and professional manner. Mr Matthews
  • Although it's only been 2 weeks since my son joined Little Stars Pre-school, we can already tell that he loves his school! We're very happy to see him having a wonderful pre-school experience. Mr Sato dos Santos
  • Excellent Pre-School I have come across, both my kids have learnt a lot before moving in to reception. I truly support Little Stars. Mr Khan
  • A friendly and professional nursery for my son before he progresses to school age. Mrs Soni
  • Dear Bharat & all staff
    Thanks for all your support.

    I would like also to thank all the staff at Little Stars for being absolutely brilliant with Jaini. You have all contributed to her development and believe me she talks about each and everyone of you at home. She has transformed from being a shy little girl who took her time during her settling in period to being a big bold confident little adult. You have taught Jaini a variety of topics and most importantly taught her life skills. Thank you for all your help and support. Jaini will thoroughly miss little stars and will carry a lot of memories with her from her experiences throughout her life. Please pass on our sincere thanks to the team, they truly have been smashing.

    As parents we look forward to continue working with you as Raiya - Jaini's sister will be joining in September 2011.

    Many Thanks
    Bhavisha Anand

  • Hi Bharat, Finally will be leaving Little Stars at the end of July and starting school. We have been very happy with Little Stars and have recommended the preschool to other families too. Leena Sutherland
  • Dear Bharat/Kirti
    My daughter is leaving the Pre-School to start Primary school soon. I would like to say how much Gia has greatly enjoyed her time at Little Stars and she will her friends and teachers very much. Thank you for all your help and support during Gia’s time at the Nursery. -Priti
  • Dear Kirti
    Thanks for supporting Sri ram during his time at Little Stars. He was a shy young boy but now full of confidence. - Krishna.
  • Dear Dina, The document that i received of Jaini's devlopment is absolutely fantastic. It is very encouraging to learn about her experiences at nursery as she talks about them yet we sometimes, don't understand what she is trying to explain. As a parent, this type of networking and giving parents information on how their child is developing is great. I also am impressed how these features are linked to the EYFS objectives in shaping up a child. To have this continuity every few months would be great. Thank you and the team for helping Jaini become a more confident, self-sufficient individual. Kindest Regards Bhavisha
  • Hi Dina, thanks so much for the photos. It was nice to see Gia not crying! I think its a really good idea to send photos of children to their parents so I would love to see more when you have them. Take care - Priti 01/03/2010
  • Very much enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures of Rupali and her ways of dealing with growing up in a nursery environment. Keep up the brilliant work. Thanks - Devi 03/03/2010
  • Dear Dina,
    thank you so much for the email and sharing Rumaysa experience in little
    stars. She loves washing up even at home but unfortunately she don’t get
    much chance :). I would love to watch the video of her though. Thanks - Nida. 03/03/2010
  • Brilliant,really lovely to see photos of twins. I think it is zaiden doing the puzzle! Thanks - fatima & Mark
  • Thank you for your invaluable support to Vishesh who will now be starting primary school in September 2009 and we are so grateful for all the advice and guidance given. –Mr Lahori
  • Little stars preschool is one of the best in Harrow and I have no hesitation in recommending anyone. My daughter flourished so well after few terms and now ready to go to bigger school in September 2009 –Mr Kania
  • I am so glad to have had my daughter do afternoon sessions at Little Stars Preschool, she was three plus but never been to any Nursery and and within a year there was such a transformation in her personality. –M/s Welch
  • I am so grateful to all the staff at Little Stars Pre-School for developing Sambhav who used to be such a shy boy. I found the whole unit at Little Stars Pre-School Outstanding with caring attitudes. We have now moved to India and Sambhav has joined a boarding School there and the change in him is remarkable. I will be sending some photos soon. Thank you so much for hard work. –Alka
  • I would recommend Little Stars Pre-School to anyone without hesitating. My son used to go somewhere else and was not saying much even at age 3 and after a year he and spending so much money, I decided to join Little Stars and the effort put in by the team to instil confidence in him was great. After some time he began to develop and soon began to engage in talks and is now a very much a confident boy.
    Thank you so much! Riva.
  • I found Little Stars Pre-School to really offer good value for money compared to others and when you consider the team are actually teaching early years skills is amazing. My boy is so independent that I have no concerns when he starts Primary school now. –Helen
  • Thank you Little Stars Pre-School and all the staff for being caring , kind, considerate always to children and parents and involving us in all the festivities especially Diwali. My little girls still misses it after starting School!......Nejal
  • I would like to thanks all the staff for all the hard work. I wish my daughter did not have to leave but we are moving home and it is not possible to commute everyday. -Jani
  • Thank you so much for helping my daughter Reisha. When she first arrived she was incredibly unsure of herself and from the 1st day onwards, the staff were excellent with the services provided which was 1st class. Your desire to dedicate to my daughter’s success has helped reconstruct her character and belief in her own capabilities. I am very glad that I have sent her to Little Stars Preschool and would highly recommend it strongly to all new parents.” –Darshika

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