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Nursery Voucher Scheme


The Early Years education within Harrow Council will fund part-time Nursery education places for three and four year olds. Eligibility for a funded place depends upon a child's third or fourth birthday.

The table below will indicates when a child becomes eligible for a funded place. Your child must be registered by the first week of that term and therefore it is highly advisable to put your child's name on any waiting list before the child is three years old.

A Child who is 3 or 4 years old and born between: Will be eligible for a funded place from
1st April and 31st August 2003 Autumn Term 2006 (Sept -Dec)
1st September and 31st December 2003 Spring Term 2007 (Jan -April)
1st January and 31st March 2004 Summer Term 2007 (April - July)

How much funding is given? The table below is an example of funding given at the moment to the provider who is operating at least 38 weeks per year.

Sessions per week Amount of Grant per Term
1 £102.60
2 £205.20
3 £307.80
4 £410.40
5 £513.00
* A fixed charge of £3 is levied to cover administration costs and provide an additional service to offset against the fee due.

Little Stars Pre School administers this scheme on your behalf to claim the funding from Harrow Early Years once your child has commenced before the headcount dates of the grant application period which is generally at beginning of each term. You will be requested to sign the application forms for your child.

The process of initiating grants for your child, the collection, payment and making sure that grants are processed as quickly as possible when issued, involves an extra administration burden for the Pre-school and cost as well. Therefore, as and when grant awards are made by the LBH for your child, Little Stars Pre-school will deal with this as soon as possible to reimburse you and where practical provide an additional service to offset such grants against the fee invoices issued which are normally due in two instalments unlike other establishments. This effectively means when grants are processed, the second fee instalment due is offset in the fee invoice itself to ease burden of payment on parents in our second instalment period. In practice the grants processed by LBH are not actually received when fee invoices are sent out but the benefit is passed to you automatically.

Pre-School Term Dates for 2006/2007

Bank & Public Holidays 2006/2007
January 1st New Year
Good Friday Friday 6th April 2007
Easter Monday 9th April 2007
May Day Monday 7th May 2007
Spring May Bank Holiday Monday 28th May 2007

Autumn Term 2006

Term Commences Monday 4th September 2006
Half Term Monday 23rd October - Friday 27th October 2006
Children return Monday 30th October 2006
Term Ends Friday 15th December 2006
No of Weeks 14 Weeks
Billing Period1: 7 weeks instalment
Billing Period2: 7 weeks instalment with Funding offset as applicable
No of Weeks: 14 Weeks

Spring Term 2007

Term Commences Tuesday 2nd January 2007
Half Term Monday 19th February 2007 -Friday 23rd Feb2007
Children return Monday 26th February 2007
Term Ends Thursday 5th April 2007
Billing Period1: 7 weeks instalment
Billing Period2: 6 weeks instalment with Funding offset as applicable
No of Weeks: 13 Weeks

Summer Term 2006

Term Commences Monday 16th April 2007
Half Term Monday 28th May 2007 -Friday 1st June 2007
Children return Monday 4th June 2007
Term Ends Friday 20th July 2007
Billing Period1: 6 weeks instalment
Billing Period2: 7 weeks instalment with Funding offset as applicable
No of Weeks: 13 Weeks

Total Number of weeks open: 40 Weeks

Note: Parents taking leave during Pre-School term time will be charged Full fees. Any absence sickness or otherwise must be informed in advance to the Group Leader or manager if your child will miss term time days.

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