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Please observe the following guidelines…

Collection Arrangements
Please bring and collect your child yourself. If for some reason, someone else is going to bring and collect your child such as a relative or a friend, please do advise us. Please do collect your child promptly on time from the entrance door only to avoid any disruption to the setting as some children do stay back for the afternoon sessions. Parents collecting children in the afternoon are advised to arrive at 3:25pm to collect your child at the door promptly at 3:30pm. This is to ensure the staff can leave on time as well since they too have to collect their children for school runs as well and avoid any delays with traffic etc.

Lunch Arrangements
During the sessions, the Nursery will provide refreshments such as Milk and a selection of fruits and vegetables etc. However, for older children staying on till 12:25PM and 330PM, you can provide a sensible packed lunch each day. This will also enable them to practice opening their lunch boxes with staff helping them if required so they are ready in later stages. As sweets, chocolates, fizzy drinks and chewing gum are forbidden; please do not include these in packed lunches. For the safety of the children, please do not pack sandwiches in "cling film" or use glass cans.

Uniform / Clothes / Shoes
Little Stars Pre-school do expect all children to wear their top uniform. These will be billed in the fee statement and to be collected upon commencement from the Group Leader at the Premises when your child starts. Please also send children in comfortable clothing which they can manage themselves. Please avoid Jeans or tight type outfits on children as this makes it difficult for them to manage during toilet time. Instead we recommend track suit bottoms or similar which is easy to manage for children. It is also good practice to mark/label your child's clothes. Please also avoid shoes with laces as often this can trip the child if undone.

Illness And Accidents
Sick children should really be at home.
If your child is too ill to stay in the Nursery or has an accident, please be sure we have some way of contacting you or another responsible adult. Please also inspect your child's hair regularly in order to deal with head infestations –nits etc.

If your child is ill or in case of infectious illnesses –measles, mumps, whooping cough etc., we greatly appreciate a telephone call as soon as you know. Please be advised to telephone the Nursery premises directly on 020 8933-0003 after 09:30am and not at the Admin Office in Pinner which is separate to Nursery premises. If your child has an appointment to attend hospital, clinic, Doctor or Dentist etc, during Nursery hours, please advise us beforehand, so that when you come to collect your child, he/she will be waiting for you.

Road Safety And Parking
There is a car park at the premises and sometimes it may be congested. So if you do park along Hillfield Close, please be considerate and do not block right of way for residents or other through traffic.

If you wish your child to leave the Pre-School, we require one term (12 weeks term time) notice in writing to the office address explaining the reasons. Any returnable Deposit paid would be forfeited if 12 weeks term time notice is not complied with. A child leaving in the July Summer term, would need to inform the office latest by April in writing.


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