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Fee Structure


1st SEPTEMBER 2012 - 31st July 2013

Monday to Friday Term Time


Day Care Bring Packed Lunch

Bring Packed Lunch

09:00 -12:00PM

12:30PM -3:30PM

Learning Periods 6.50 hours 3.40 hours 3 hours 3 hours
Less than Five (Min 2)

£30.00 per Session

£18.50 per Session

£16.50 per Session

£14.50 Session

Five Sessions/Week

£145.00 per Week Discounted

£87.50 per Week

£77.50 Per Week

£67.50 per Week

Subject to availability           
** All three year olds and above stay to 12:25pm sessions or full days

Fees Note: (Refer to Terms/Conditions Schedule)

All rates are subject to a yearly review. Fee Invoices will be issued in two instalments per term. Once a child is over three, he/she stays to 12:25pm automatically or may opt for 3:30pm and charged at the prevailing tariff to extend learning periods. Session rates include refreshments/fruits and any snacks as well as any additional activities conducted in morning sessions.

Types of Provision
Full Day -32.5 hours per week 9am to 3:30pm
Children assigned in the Full day group will learn a variety of experiences in all the seven areas of the learning in line with the EYFS to prepare them adequately in readiness for Primary School Reception Year and share that work with Primary School as they develop. Children get progress check between age 2-3 and as soon as children are 3+ move to older group and they will begin to adjust to school hours with longer sessions and once mentally ready will begin to absorb all areas of learning with their key workers and participate in all the activities planned.

Mornings Based –Over 17 hours per week 9am to 12:25pm
Children in the morning based group will still cover a wide range of learning activities outlined in line with EYFS and there will be many focussed activities to ensure they get a broad based development as they work towards readiness for Primary school reception year.

Afternoon Based -15 hours per week -12:30pm to 3:30pm
Children who arrive in the afternoon group include funded children as afternoon sessions are cheaper than morning ones which are longer in sessions. Activities due to limited time and resources will however be mostly play based to get children used to sharing with each other and at same time obtain some provision from learning areas developed within EYFS.

Optional Breakfast Club
Little Stars Pre-School will be operating a breakfast club from 08:30am to 09:00am The cost for introducing this to cover additional staff and breakfast would be £15.00/week if your child comes in Monday to Friday or £3.00 per morning with a minimum of two mornings. These have to be booked in advance which will be billed periodically together with Fee statements.

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