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Dear Parent/ carers,

Extreme Bad Weather Procedure /Guidance

During winter months all Schools can experience extreme bad weather with periods of snowfalls and ice. Little Stars Pre-School and its staff will do its best to have the premises open at usual times. If circumstances are beyond control and safety of children is at risk, Little Stars Pre-school reserve the right to close and in such situations parents will be notified by a emergency newsflash message posted on the website as soon as possible if such an extreme event does take place during winter.

Our general advice to all parents in extreme bad weather conditions where roads and especially side roads can be treacherous during snowfalls is try not to take any risk in travelling with very young children. Generally any school in Harrow can only make a decision around 745am on situation in the morning and if staff are able to report in – only then an emergency Newsflash message will be posted on the website for parents to check automatically about any closure notices. Fees unfortunately are not refundable for circumstances beyond control of pre-school and you are advised to refer to terms and conditions.

If there is no Newsflash message on Screen in the morning by 815am assume things are normal is our general advice.

Thank you

Little Stars Pre-School

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